Friday, August 7, 2009

Thoughts, promotion and HELP!

Wanted to use the blog to promote some things that are going on, people I enjoy, businesses and causes I believe in and get your help brainstorming a name for my new website coming this month!

*****I'm trying to come up w/ a name for my new website. This will be my website for years to come so I want it to be a memorable name. It should be fun, fitness related, maybe or maybe not include my name. Here's what I've come up with:

I need thoughts, suggestions, ideas...share youre creativity with me please!!!

*****Whether you're a NYSC member in Hoboken or Jersey City or not everyone should know about Ride For Reagan. Julie Huggins is the Fitness Manager at NYSC Hoboken North and has been working diligently to raise money for her niece's college fund. Julie herself is an awesome, positive person to be around, she's super helpful, extremely fit and knowledgeable about fitness. While pregnant with her niece Reagan her big sister Robin was diagnosed with cancer-Reagan had to be delivered very prematurely and luckily made it and is now 12 years old. Julie's big sister Robin however, was only around to enjoy one year of Reagan's life. From now until Aug 15 we're collecting donations at NYSC for Reagan's college fund. Even as little as $10 is appreciated!!

Many of you are familiar with my knife selling background. While working for Cutco I was fortunate enough to work with some of the most amazing people I've ever met a few of whom started a non profit organization called Front Row Foundation. Their mission is to help people with terminal illnesses live life in the front row. They organize opportunities for people of all ages with terminal illnesses to be in the front row for their favorite sports team, singer, show and etc. These people often get to meet some of the athletes or celebrities during the event and it's a true gift to be able to forget about their illness, pain and suffering for one day and LIVE LIFE IN THE FRONT ROW.

How can you help? check out the site, there are fund raising opportunities and events to participate in one of which is the Atlantic City Marathon coming up Oct 18.
If you're a runner, or racer of any kind (5K's count too!) and you don't have a cause to run or race for, consider making the Front Row Foundation your cause. Go to for more details.

******I put up this video on my facebook today b/c in speaking with some close friends, family members, NYSC members I've been feeling lately like a lot of people are "in a funk" and some of you have even used those words to describe yourself. This commercial is about getting up just one more time than you get knocked down-which is a great way to think about it because we're all constantly getting knocked down.

Now, sometimes it takes more than a video to get back up. When I was struggling myself back in January after a tough break up and my grandfather passing I needed more than just myself to get back up and I sought the help of a life coach. It may or may not be for you but I have to say it's definitely one of the best investments I've ever made. So if you're in a little bit of a rut, and even if you're not-if your life is going amazing right now and you want to take it even higher check out my coach: Jon Vroman

Last but not least a few other sites that motivate and inspire me regularly:

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  1. Liz, you are such a ray of light!
    I am saying this because you have inspired me to continue exercising and living a healthy life.
    When a year ago now I hit a low with bunch of things lining up at one time, like a broken heart, my mom diagnosed with cancer & my beloved grandmother passing away. I was on a plane every few months overseas and back I was drained physically and emotionally. I did not want to end up in doc’s office with a prescription for a Prozac…I was not depressed but I did not have strength to go on. I decided that I needed to become stronger to get through that tough time in my life and I started to exercise which helped me to regain my strength & sanity. I just want to thank you for being such a great inspiration because starting something is half of the success but continuing it is another half.

    Good luck with the new website! Sounds like a great idea.
    I could not help myself with coming up with couple of ideas for you as I study Advertising Design and those type of exercises I thoroughly enjoy. Here they are: - we get to play with your last name a bit but also we have a deeper meaning “dial tone” is insinuating a connection, reaching out, sending out a message and expecting the receivers to participate. - just another game with words, you can read it “dial to life” or “dialto life”
    But also a couple of your ideas really stood out for me which was “crazysexyfit” I am sure your TLC fans will find it pretty cool ;) and “lizloveslife”. You could probably get some interesting logo with the tripple “L” that is in that name for your website if you choose that name.