Thursday, August 13, 2009

NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED! Cardio/Sculpting Workout

I can't take credit for this workout, I found it in SHAPE magazine.
I'm posting it because I know many of you are busy and look for things to do at home that don't involve going to the gym...or some of you are always looking for those "in front of the TV" exercises. This is perfect for that!

*Note: RPE = rate of perceived exertion. It means on a scale of 1-10 how hard you feel like you're working. As your fitness level increases, your perception of how hard you're working will too. What does that mean? if you keep up the good work, in a month or two your current 8 will only be a 5-6. Yessss!

Time Activity RPE
0-3 minutes march/walk 3
3-5 Jumping Jacks 4
5-7 Run 7-8
9-10 Lunges to front kick 6-7
10-20 repeat mins 5-10 2x 6-8
20-21 push ups 5-6
21-23 Run 7-8
23-26 repeat mins 20-23 5-8
26-30 march/walk 3

*had a little trouble w/ formatting on this one, sorry the last column isn't perfectly lined up. If you can't figure it out email me at and I'll send you a word document that is lined up!!

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  1. oooo the evil squat thrusts! but you manage to make even those fun :)
    -- Maureen