Monday, July 13, 2009

Healthy Happy Hour!

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity

This week's post is inspired by 3 things.
1. a few girls from my small group training class who suggested a "smelly dinner" (meaning we go out to dinner after class straight from the gym one night) Thank you Arielle and Kristen!
2. a group of girlfriends I met through salsa who really stick to things they can do together like classes.  Thank you Andie, Lanette and Sandy!
3. an article in Women's Health that suggested
 adding a social aspect to working out would increase the likelihood that people would stick to it.

So here's the idea...HEALTHY HAPPY HOUR!
Once or twice a week why not forego a real happy hour that often includes binge eating and drinking for a healthier version?

Many of you have friends who also work out, probably even at your own gym-and if you don't belong to a gym I bet you could find people you know who would like to walk, run, hike, go for a bike ride, play some recreational sports or etc with you.

Pick a night to meet up at the gym, or at a place where you can do any of the above activities to get in some exercise then either go out for a healthy dinner or host one at someone's house.  You can:
a) take turns finding a new spot with healthy options on
 the menu
b) take turns cooking a healthy meal (it's summer, there are a ton
 of great options. For example-you can grill or make an awesome salad since so many great fruits and veggies are in season right now.  Click here for a list provided by the CDC)

Suggestions for healthy summer meals at home:
*Grill up some shish kabobs-get the wooden skewers at 
the supermarket and load them up with your favorite meat, poultry, seafood and color it up with your favorite vegetables.  Peppers, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, cherry or grape tomatoes are a great place to start.
*Fajita salad-grill some chicken, steak or shrimp, season some 
peppers and onions, if you don't eat meat or fish black, red or pinto beans are a great source of protein in lieu of meat or fish, dice up an avocado, add tomato if you like it or even some salsa and toss.  There are so many flavors going on you don't even need dressing!
*If you're not a fan of salad throw that mix over some brown rice for your own version of a "naked burrito" (minus the tortilla)
*Think "protein and a vegetable" at dinner time...there are so many was to prepare any of your favorite meats, fishes, tofus and veggies.  Try out a new spice or seasoning, switch up your combinations, test out something you never thought you'd like (I didn't try asparagus until last summer and now it's my favorite vegetable-thank you Molly Keane!)
*If you love seafood check out these cedar grilling planks, they're especially amazing for salmon.  If Williams-Sonoma is a little out of your price range they have them on Amazon too!

I'd love comments and your ideas if there are any dishes you love to cook up in the summer that fall into the category of "healthy"...please share :)

So grab a few friends, pick a good night and think about how good you'll feel after putting in a workout and nourishing your body with a healthy meal...

 INSTEAD of downing dollar beers, $3 martini's or mixers, and bar menu appetizers 

Friday, July 3, 2009

Keeping it Healthy for the 4th!

Holiday Eating…



DON’T…expect to gain weight, if you go into the season

saying/thinking, “I always gain 5 lbs over the holidays” you will!  Take control…”I will not gain 5 lbs this year!”


DO…determine priorities.  Keep your healthy eating principles.

Stay conscious of what/how much you’re eating.  Choose “this or that?” The bread or the dessert…the greasy finger food appetizers or the alcohol.  Not both!


DON’T…skip meals to save room for the big one.  This is a

recipe for overeating.  If anything, have a healthy snack before the big meal so you won’t stuff your plate.


DO…eat from a plate. (No unconscious hand to mouth eating!)


DON’T…get distracted and ignore satiety (when you’re full)



DON’T…overload your plate.  There is no contest, it’s not an

         all you can eat buffet, it’s not a race, you don’t HAVE to         

         clean your plate (regardless of how guilty relatives may

         try to make you feel )        


DO…stop eating when you’re satisfied! 

DON’T…eat to eat.  Only eat things you really enjoy.  The only

         Reason to eat is because you’re hungry, and that’s it!


DO…prepare a healthy dish if you’re the host.  Use “low” and

         “reduced” fat products, stay away from creamy or fried

         dishes.  Use “low” or “sugar free” when possible.  Substitute

         2 egg whites for each real egg called for in a recipe.  Use

         olive oil or canola oil instead of butter and etc…


DO…Help the host!  It’s good manners and moving around

         And serving people burns calories J


DON’T…Wear pants with an elastic waistband.  If anything

         Wear more restricting clothing so you’ll feel uncomfort

         -able if you over eat…and don’t unbutton the top button!


DON’T…say, “The diet starts tomorrow”…stick to your program!


DO…exercise throughout the holiday season. Maintain your

         Good habits, be consistent and you will avoid that

         Holiday weight gain.


DON’T…drink your calories! 3-5 drinks can add up to almost a

         Whole day’s worth of calories, on top of the eating!


DON’T…go to a party hungry, you won’t be able to resist the

         Unhealthy appetizers, and you may even fill up before

         The really good food comes out!


DO…drink plenty of water, and be aware of the difference

         Between hunger and thirst.


DO…keep a colorful plate, veggies are high in fiber and will

         Help you feel full, and prevent over eating.


DON’T…avoid the scale.  Stay on track, weigh yourself before

         During and after the holidays and hold yourself



DON’T…taste all day if you’re cooking, that can add on tons

         Of calories.


DO…try a new whole grain, quinoa, barley, faro…


DO…check out:

For healthy holiday recipes and alternatives.