Monday, September 21, 2009

Aaaand, we're back!

Helllloooo! I hope everyone enjoyed the end of the summer as much as I did. I appreciate some of your calls and emails asking what was going on-no! I did not abandon the blog, just took a little hiatus. Just like many of you who are getting back into a normal routine now that summer is over so am I so you can count on weekly/biweekly posts moving forward :)

Today I'm going to share two amazing females with you!

The first is Nisha Moodley a Holistic Health Counselor/Reiki Master who operates out of downtown Jersey City. Nisha is warm and friendly but more importantly extremely passionate about what she does. I know many of you work out and hit the gym hard but still aren't seeing the results you want, or in some cases feeling the results you want. Nisha has the training and ability to help you create a better relationship with food and identify how to live a more salubrious lifestyle. Check out her website!

The second is Janet, my first bride-in-training. In a recent email a few weeks after her wedding Janet wrote,

"I did want to tell you that I got several compliments on my back and arms during my wedding... ..all thanks to you!! In fact one of my friends said, "You looked like you got into sick shape for your weddding". How great is that!!! "

I share Janet with you for a few reasons. Primarily to motivate and inspire you because who wouldn't want to feel like that and get compliments from their friends about how great they look?! Because of her busy schedule as a pharmaceutical sales rep driving all over NY, NJ and PA Janet was only able to train with me once a week-sometimes for only 30-45 minutes. I know many of you have very busy schedules and often use that as an excuse to not put in the time your body deserves whether it's in terms of eating properly or exercising. More than likely the real issue is not a lack of time, but a lack of commitment and self discipline. I believe we always have time for things that are important to us-it's just a matter of making the time. Why did Janet look amazing in her wedding dress? Her self-discipline and work ethic. Aside from the work we put in together Janet was in the gym 4-5 days/wk on her own whenever she could find time to squeeze in a run, some cardio or some exercises she learned from our sessions. Put simply-she chose to make it happen and you can too!

Look at those arms!
And the back! No unsightly bulges in that dress :)

The week before her wedding during the last fitting the tailor told her to eat pizza all week becaues they'd already taken the dress in 3x! Congratulations Janet!
So...what can you take from the post this week? Make time for what's important to you! If you're not satisfied with how you look and feel-make a choice to change, there are 30 something posts in the archives if you need ideas on what to do.
Don't feel like scrolling through the archives for ideas? Need more specific personalized help? (read: would you rather just have someone do the work for you? :P) Stay tuned, solutions for that to come later in the week!

Questions? comments? Ideas for future posts?