Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bounce back from the holiday weekend!

I like to approach working out like a system of checks and balances.  If I know I'm going to eat badly or go out for a night of drinking, I'll work out harder the day before/after or BOTH...

Thoughts on bouncing back from the holiday weekend (which more than likely entailed eating crappy food and lots of drinking)....

1. Drink a lot of water this week.

2. Put in an extra cardio workout or two, sweating more will help get rid of the toxins in your body.
*Don't forget bursts of intensity are key, for 30-60-90 seconds increase intensity,  (speed, resistance, incline) in some way and PUSH YOURSELF throughout your workout

3. Use this week as an excuse to try something new, try a class you've never taken, push yourself past your normal workout time, find some way to TURN IT UP and WORK HARDER than you usually do this week.

4.  Try ditching bread, cheese and sweets for the week.  Eat more fruits and vegetables this instead.

5. Try to carry these habits into the next few weeks (Fourth of July is right around the corner!)