Monday, August 3, 2009

We've covered a lot of's time for some HOW

Sometimes people ask me what I do when I'm not training clients or teaching classes. Other than catch some sun at the pier in Hoboken 8) I read voraciously to pick up ideas for the blog, my clients and future writing endeavors.

The two ideas I want to share this week are not about what to eat but how you actually eat your food.

I came across this in Glamour Magazine (please note, I do not advocate any and all health and fitness tips from magazines, but I did like this one!)

"Eat with your opposite hand"...why? because it slows you down and requires more concentration. Many of us are constantly rushing around or have the tendency to eat our food too quickly which can result in overeating because we don't give our bodies the time to realize we're full. Slowing down when we eat is a great way to do this-so give it a shot, grab that fork with the wrong hand next time you sit down for a meal! (I have to imagine you'd probably burn a few extra calories laughing also because this is bound to be a little awkward :P)

"Savor your food"...This idea is taken from a book called The Nutrition Solution by Harold J. Kristal, D.D.S. and James M. Haig, N.C.

Many of us love eating and enjoy the way our food tastes but we don't actually take the time to fully enjoy it. A lot of us eat in front of the TV or even standing at the counter, we grab things to go, eat in the car, while we're walking or multi-tasking in other ways. The Nutrition Solution talks about enjoying everything about your food-taste, colors, textures and aromas. Try to eat in a calm, relaxed atmosphere-obviously you'll enjoy the food more-but also which may come as a surprise to many of you as it did to me-this will also increase your body's ability to digest it. If you're on the run, stressed out or in a hectic environment you won't derive the maximum benefits of the foods you eat. Think of meal time as a time to slow down-eat slowly, chew the food thoroughly, which also helps digestion (don't just wolf it down between meetings or tasks). Savor your food, and take some time to appreciate it-not just the food itself, but that you're even lucky enough to have it!

Is this realistic for every meal of the day? Maybe not-but can we find time to slow down for 1-2 meals a day to more thoroughly enjoy nourishing our bodies? I think so! So if you forget everything you just read remember these two things when it comes to eating: slow down and enjoy!

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  1. Funny enough, I was reading your blog while snarfing down my usual salad. So I did as you said and switched hands to slow down, my first attempt resulted in a catapult to my computer screen - awesome!! But between laughs I am tasting the awesomeness of my salad -- I love my Hale & Hearty salad, the grilled chicken actually tastes grilled and they have options like edamame, apples and oranges -- all refreshing flavors! Yes!