Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I've been hyping it up for two months it is!

An Idea is born: After a few weeks of training most clients say things like, "I never would have thought to do some of these exercises on my own" or "I never would have figured out to combine these movements"... and I remind them that trainers are professionals in their field just like anyone else. Can you do your taxes on your own? Sure, but you'll get a lot more money back if you go to an accountant. Can you try to fix your own car? Sure, but it's usually a better idea to see a mechanic. Same thing goes for fitness, can you lose weight, tone and hit your other goals working out on your own? Sometimes, but you get better results when you work with a professional.

After hearing sentiments along the lines of, "I wish you could be my trainer" from friends and family outside of the Hoboken/NYC area one too many times...

and considering the decline in disposable income for many people due to the economy...

I came up with a solution to give everyone easy and affordable access to personal training!

: Distance/virtual training. In the past when someone asks for exercise suggestions or a client moves away or someone gets stuck at work and can't make their session I've designed workouts for them to do on their own time. The feedback I get for these workouts is always positive.

Recently my client Kelli texted me after the workout I sent her and said, "It's good to know you can still torture me from the comfort of your own home" (obviously in the most positive sense of the word torture).

So I'm adding this service to my menu.

How it works: these will be customized programs depending on the individual client's needs. Most people can identify with one of the following profiles:

#1 Proficient workout skills, has probably had a trainer in the past, is knowledgeable of the proper performance of squats, lunges, push ups, planks, side lunges, deadlifts, and various upper body weight bearing exercises. Has access to a gym or the following equipment at home (bare minimum): dumbells, resistance band (s), mat, stability ball

#2 This client is similar to profile #1, only with less working knowledge of exercise. Therefore, their custom package also includes video tutorials for properly performing exercises to ensure safety.

Knowledgeability of exercise aside, this client prefers a greater level of interaction with the trainer and invites me into their home via video chat (whichever service, skype, google video chat, ichat or etc-the client prefers). The session is conducted as a normal session would be in person. The main benefit is that the client is not flying solo with just a workout and their own discretion. I'm right there to remind them to activate the core, squeeze the glutes on the way up from a squat, pull the shoulders back and etc.

# 4
This client would love to experience the benefits of client profile #3 but our schedules just don't coordinate. As a means of still giving the client a higher level of interaction, I still walk the client through their workout via video-it just won't happen in a live chat setting. The workout is posted privately on youtube giving only myself and the client access to it.

What's in this for you? As the program is still in its incipient stage I need a few guinea pigs! Sign up to to be one of my first virtual training clients and receive 25% off your custom package.

We build your package from the following options:

1) Initial consultation call 30-45 minutes to discuss health history, goals and needs so I can design your program


2)Initial consultation via live video chat 45 minutes to 1 hour
to discuss health history, goals and needs and perform movement assessments so I can design your program

1)2-5 workouts emailed to you per week

2)2-5 workouts emailed to you per week PLUS video tutorials on performing the exercises

3)2-5 complete video workouts uploaded on youtube for your private viewing each week (great option for those who will be working out from home and not the gym!)


4) 2-5 live video chat sessions per week

Clients who train via live video chat will have the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback at the end of every session. Those who receive emails or video work outs will be able to schedule a 15-20 minute consultation call with me each week as needed. The point of these calls is to create a dialogue between you and me to answer your questions and make adjustments so I can help you progress.

Will vary depending on the clients and which options they choose.

To get the ball rolling, I'm offering a few "TRY ME OUT" packages for the month of October:

#1 Live video chat package:
Initial consultation live video chat, 2 live sessions per week and either weekly consultation calls or chats (for a total of 8 live sessions and 5 calls/chats)

for $506 instead of $675
for savings of $169

#2 Email/call only package:
Initial consultation call, 2 workouts emailed per week, and a weekly consultation call (for a total of 8 workouts, and 5 calls)

for $262 instead of $350 for savings of $88

#3 Sampler package:
Initial consultation call or live video chat
2 email workouts
1 live video chat workout
2 consultation calls

for $169 instead of $225 for savings of $56

#4 Two week trial:
Cut any of the above packages in half and just try it out for 2 weeks!

**all clients are welcome to email me at no extra charge throughout the course of the week with miscellaneous program related questions
**check payments can be sent in the mail and credit card payments can be made via paypal

CONTACT ME TO SIGN UP: OR (215) 499-7786

I recently outsourced my website design overseas (as it's way more work than I ever imagined!), and you can expect to see that up and running by November.

Thank you all for the comments, feedback, support and in some cases inspiration!!

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